5 Tips To Choose A Cost-Effective Private School in Malaysia

Cost can be one of the major deciding factors for parents, when choosing a private school for their kids. Since the pandemic, more parents are enrolling their children in international private schools.

United Kingdom-based ISC Research says, In Malaysia, there is strong “growing demand from local Malaysian families for international education at a price point that is affordable for them.” So how do you choose an affordable private school for your children?

Here are “5 Tips To Choose A Cost-Effective Private School”

1. Your Child’s Needs

You can save money by eliminating unnecessary fees. The fees at private schools vary because of the different services they offer. Besides the education, schools may have sporting or creative programmes. High-premium schools will have a wide range of co-curricular support.

Identify your child’s strengths and passion. Are they more athletic or creative. This will give you a starting point to look for a school that can support your child’s ambitions. In this way, you can save on fees by choosing a school that charges for only what your child needs.

2. Schedule

Have a look at the schools’ learning schedule and timing. Although learning times are usually the same, some schools are flexible with timing. This will come in handy, so that you can adapt their schedule to your timing.

If you work, you have to coordinate your time to send or pick the children to and from school. Conflicting schedules will mean you have to pay for day care service before you pick them up.

Do a quick research on the school’s time-table to help you decide on the best option.

3. Language competency

There are more mid-priced private schools because of upgraded tuition centres. They have pivoted their business into private schools.

Parents want their kids to be proficient in English, as they learn with an international syllabus. But, cheaper private schools hire teachers that are not so proficient in English.

This could be costly if you have to pay for extra tuition. So, check the teachers’ competency first before signing up at the school.

4. Levels of education

When planning for your child’s education, you want to look at it long-term. Some schools only offer certain levels, and after that you have to find a new school.

Choose a school that can accommodate your child throughout the entire schooling years. This means from primary till secondary education. This will help you manage your finances, especially if you have more than one child.

5. Join a group

You can either ask your relatives and friends if they know of any private school groups for parents. Or you could search for these groups on Facebook.

These groups will update their members with information on new schools and programes. The members are also very supportive and always willing to answer any questions you have.

There will also be schools trying to promote their services when you ask a question. So, this will give you a list to do your research.


Choosing a private school for your children is not a quick process. You should take as much time as you need but remember to start early.

This is because many private schools have a waiting list, and you want to get your child’s name on it as early.

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